Get ready to play UNO 2022 on the go! Enjoy a classic game that you learned at your grandmother's house and play it anytime, anywhere. And if you're looking for a fun card game that's perfect for the whole family, don't miss out on our brand-new Easter event! In this limited-time event, get creative and design your own Easter Egg Hunt. Plus, take advantage of special perks like real-time matches where you can either play the popular card game UNO!TM or choose from various home rules. To climb to the top of rankings and win exciting prizes, participate in tournaments and events. Join forces with others to increase your chances of success.
UNO 2022 is now available wherever you go! You can bring the classic card game you enjoyed playing at your grandmother's house to any location of your choice. It's not just a fun and family-friendly game, as there's still more excitement to come! Join in on an exclusive Easter event that has a limited-time offer. Unleash your creativity and design an exciting Easter Egg Hunt all on your own. These unique rewards should not be missed out on! Take part in real-time matches where you have the option to play UNO!TM, or select from several home rules. Participate in tournaments and events to earn prizes and climb the leaderboard ranks with teamwork being key for victory.

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