Tomb of the Mark 2 is a thrilling arcade game that immerses players in an endless vertical maze that's procedurally generated. As you explore the puzzling tomb, you'll stumble upon a mysterious mask with some remarkable abilities: scaling walls with ease and speed. This unlocks an array of challenges and adventures as you navigate through deadly traps, dangerous enemies and engaging gameplay mechanics - all while searching for power-ups to overcome each obstacle. Keep in mind that time waits for no one in this thrilling race to reach the top!

Tomb of the Mark 2 is an exhilarating arcade game that immerses players in a limitless vertical maze generated through procedural means. While delving into a cryptic tomb, you chance upon an inscrutable mask that empowers you to scale walls effortlessly and quickly. This will lead to various exciting challenges and adventures with perilous traps, menacing foes, and stimulating gameplay mechanisms lying ahead as you seek power-ups necessary for conquering each hurdle. Remember though - time is precious! Every moment brings us closer to reaching the peak in this thrilling race-to-the-top endeavor.

Comment jouer

Contrôles PC : Utilisez les touches fléchées pour vous déplacer. Contrôles tactiles : Utilisez les boutons de jeu pour vous déplacer.

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