surviving the apocalypse. Customize your vehicle by enhancing its weaponry and armor to make it more powerful and unique. As you progress, new models are available for purchase in the shop. Collect as many coins as possible while defeating all poppies that come your way, and avoid obstacles and other vehicles to reach further distances. This is an exciting driving game set in a poopy apocalypse with plenty of customization options for your vehicle!
driving as far as you can through a world of poop. Fend off any poopy obstacles with your trusty weapons and keep an eye out for roadblocks or other automobiles to avoid. Personalize your vehicle by adding customizations like upgraded armor, weaponry, or even purchasing new models in the shop. As you blast through this stunning game on PC, remember to rack up coins while also decimating all poppies that dare cross your path.

Comment jouer

Pour conduire le véhicule, utilisez la flèche et pour afficher le menu, appuyez sur la touche Tab.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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