As a skilled feline climber and wall-walker, your forte lies in moving effortlessly along every surface. Your mission is to feast on all the little fish, but be sure to use your agility to avoid obstacles along the way! Paw and Claws offers an exhilarating puzzle experience - why not join your friends and see how far you can go?
As a skilled feline who can climb and traverse walls, your main objective is to dine on small fish while avoiding hindrances. Utilize your wall-hopping abilities to reach different areas and feed yourself! Paw and Claws offers an exhilarating puzzle experience for those who enjoy a challenge. Join us with friends to see how far you can progress through the levels!

Comment jouer

Si vous jouez sur un ordinateur, utilisez les touches WASD pour vous déplacer. Si vous préférez jouer sur votre téléphone portable, appuyez simplement sur les boutons de mouvement.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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