During this excursion through a forest fraught with peril, as is the case in all adventures, a delightful shock awaits at its conclusion. But first and foremost, utmost caution must be exercised if one hopes to attain said surprise. Navigate each level carefully together with your comrade; don't succumb to falls or become ensnared by sharp brambles, nor allow yourself to be set upon by hostile creatures. It's crucial to arm oneself appropriately - fortunately, there's an expert player on hand wielding a particularly potent sword capable of vanquishing monsters efficiently. Although the uninitiated individual may seem inept and incompetent at times, rest assured that they possess surprising ingenuity and can open crates previously deemed inaccessible.
During this forest adventure full of peril, an unexpected thrill awaits at the conclusion, just as it does in each escapade. The path to reaching that exciting surprise requires keen carefulness. Accomplish each level with your comrade while avoiding pitfalls and thorns and outsmarting monsters. Wield the potent sword of a seasoned player to defeat all foes. Additionally, do not underestimate the intelligence of a seemingly unskilled individual who can even unlock inaccessible chests!

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ord, and the Ctrl button for the noob player to attack with his weapon. Taking out all the monsters and acquiring either a stash of gold coins or a lucky box is essential in order for the end-of-level prize to manifest. As far as movement goes, utilize Arrow keys if you're controlling the Noob player; alternatively, if you're commanding the Pro player, use WASD instead. To launch an attack using your sword, simply press Space while playing as the Pro. On the other hand, when operating as Noob, tap Ctrl to initiate an assault with your weapon.

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