players in a virtual world, NabNab Imposter - Fun io game is a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Your goal is simple: use your hammer to defeat other crewmates, absorb their power to grow stronger, and emerge as the sole surviving Imposter. But beware of sly impostors who may try to knock you off course. To keep things exciting, you can select from an array of roles like Hunter, Assassin, Captain, Trapper, Sword or Gunner – each with unique abilities and weaponry at your disposal. Join the multiplayer fray and immerse yourself in this vibrant online arena where anything goes!
players, you play as a NabNab Imposter and your goal is to eliminate other crewmates by hitting them with a hammer. This will absorb their power, making you bigger and stronger. The ultimate objective is to become the last surviving NabNab Imposter on the battlefield. However, be cautious of encountering cunning impostors who may crush you if given the chance. There are several roles available in this game that offer unique skillsets and items such as Hunter, Assassin, Captain, Trapper, Sword and Gunner which adds excitement to your gameplay experience. Engage in multiplayer battles with other players for added fun!

Comment jouer

Maintenez et faites glisser pour vous déplacer - Approchez-vous de vos coéquipiers et écrasez-les - Courez vite et évitez les coups.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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