Motoracer vs Huggy is a game that requires you to eliminate the pesky blue monsters of Huggy. You will ride on a lively motorcycle, which makes this activity thrilling yet dangerous! Your goal is to defeat as many blue monsters as possible while avoiding their allies, Kisi, who have bombs and can blow you up instantly. Additionally, watch out for various obstacles like trees, bushes, cacti and rocks. If you are airborne, feel free to perform tricks!
Motoracer vs Huggy is an exciting game where you ride a motorcycle and eliminate the bothersome blue monsters of Huggy. Although it can be risky, it's still a delightful experience. Keep in mind that Kisi with bombs are lurking around too, so steer clear of them to avoid getting blown up instantly! Don't forget to watch out for other obstacles like trees, bushes, cacti and rocks as well. You can also perform tricks while in mid-air for added excitement!

Comment jouer

Abolish Huggy's and evade Kisi plus other hindrances! Dominate: A, D - maneuver the motorcycle. Space - examine behind via rearview mirror. Left Shift - activate nitro.

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