Lock Master is a thrilling game of adventure that requires players to unlock various locks in a perplexing maze-like environment. The game's objective is to move the lock to an orange dot using your mouse. As you progress through the levels, they become progressively more complicated, with 16 total levels for you to conquer. To succeed, you'll need to overcome obstacles and rely on your logical reasoning and quick reflexes. Successfully unlocking each level will allow you to move on to the next challenge, making Lock Master an excellent test of your abilities!
Lock Master is a thrilling adventure game that requires players to tackle intricate puzzles in order to unlock various locks scattered across an enigmatic maze-like realm. By simply manipulating the mouse, you must guide each lock towards its matching orange marker while navigating an array of obstacles and challenges that increase in difficulty with every level - there are 16 in total. This means you'll need to put your logical faculties into high gear and remain alert at all times if you want to succeed. With each successful lock opened, you'll be able to progress further on your quest as Lock Master puts your skills to the test!

Comment jouer

Maintenez le bouton gauche de la souris enfoncé pour déplacer le dispositif de déverrouillage et l'arrêter. Vous disposez de 3 vies dans chaque pièce ; une fois épuisées, vous retournez au niveau 1. Atteignez le point orange avec la serrure pour terminer chaque niveau. En tout, il y a 16 niveaux à compléter.

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