The multiverse is a vast and varied expanse, with endless worlds to explore. In one such world, Lady Strange and the Ruby Witch work tirelessly to defend it from evil forces. And while these superheroines are fierce in battle, they also value style. So why not pick out some unique and stunning costumes for them that showcase their personalities? Plus, don't forget about hair, makeup, and accessories – every detail counts when you're on an incredible adventure with Lady Strange and the Ruby Witch.
The vast and varied multiverse is home to many worlds, one of which Lady Strange and the Ruby Witch watch over. They work hand in hand to safeguard this realm from wicked forces while staying fashionable, as true superheroines do. Select unique outfits that showcase each girl's distinctiveness, then enhance their appearance with eye-catching makeup, hairdos and accessories. Accompany Lady Strange and the Ruby Witch on an incredible journey you won't soon forget!

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ce you're playing on, there may be different options for creating your own superheroine. Transform an ordinary girl into a superhero character by selecting the perfect makeup and hairstyle from various wardrobe choices. Add some flair to her appearance with a unique costume and accessories that complete her heroic image. The specific customization tools will vary depending on the type of gaming device being used.

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