A man with an exceedingly bouncy gun has crossed your path. Caution must be taken as each shot results in a bouncing effect, resembling that of a ball. It is essential to aim accurately at the target and annihilate the monster lurking ahead. The objective is to take turns eliminating monsters alongside a companion and progress to succeeding levels. So, it's up to you solely to exterminate these creatures. Any individual can destroy their respective creature; however, accuracy should be maintained while shooting for jumping or movement purposes alike.
A man with a constantly bouncing gun is not an uncommon sight. Shooting requires caution, as the recoil will launch you upwards like a ball. Keep your sights locked on the target - there are monsters to be eliminated. Work together with your friend to take turns killing them and proceed to the next level. It's your responsibility to eradicate these creatures, and each person must fend for themselves in this task. Take care while firing; it can serve as both a means of movement and jumping.

Comment jouer

Appuyez pour tirer ou tapez avec votre doigt. Où que vous visiez, vous allez dans la direction opposée selon la touche du pistolet. Utilisez le bouton de commutation pour changer de joueur.

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