jars filled with honey. - Explore the magnificent forest while jumping and gathering fruits and hives alongside the bear. With an engaging design specifically designed for young children, this innovative game is both fun and educational. The game consists of three enjoyable learning segments where children can collect honey by helping the bear catch bees using a hose, add different labels and caps to jars brimming with sweet treats, all whilst exploring their magical surroundings within the depths of a beautiful forest. Expect cheerful animations that will excite young kids as they embark on delightful adventures accompanied by surprising discoveries."
jar with the corresponding design. - Explore the enchanted forest while collecting hives and fruits with your bear friend. This engaging game for young children offers a unique opportunity to explore bear habitats in the jungle, catch bees, collect honey and label jars. With its kid-friendly design, cheerful animations, and easy-to-play features, this game is sure to surprise and delight kids as they discover magical forests together."

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