The arena battle between holes is kicking off! Choose a hole to participate in the fight. Consume fruits, planes, cars, and more to grow larger. The objective is to devour objects smaller than you and outsize your opponents. Be wary of bigger holes and aim for power-ups as well as edible items. Explore four unique maps: - 2048 Map - World Map - Stationary Map - Kitchen Map
Join the fierce battle in the arena between holes! Choose a hole and start devouring everything in sight to grow bigger. The objective is to outgrow your opponents by consuming smaller objects while avoiding larger holes. Don't forget to collect power-ups along with edible items on four unique maps: 2048 Map, World Map, Stationary Map, and Kitchen Map.

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To play on a computer, use the mouse to move and left-click to boost. On mobile devices or tablets, utilize the joystick and boost buttons. Consume smaller items, defeat lesser foes, and evade larger enemies.

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