The Legend GTR Cars game offers an exciting drifting experience with 6 different tracks and 19 realistic car models. You'll enjoy stunning graphics, a variety of unique sports cars, and the chance to develop your real drift skills through single player mode. Earn the best score on each level to gain access to new tracks as well as all 19 sport cars in the game. Drift-racing simulators provide you with a one-of-a-kind thrill that has never been this fun, exciting or intense before! With realistic drifting system and high-quality vehicles like GTR, E46M3, M4, Charger, Civici and Viper await you!
Experience the ultimate drifting adventure with LEGEND GTR CARS on 6 exhilarating tracks and an impressive range of 19 realistic drift car models. Marvel at stunning graphics while enjoying a true-to-life driving experience that puts your real drift skills to the test. In SINGLEPLAYER mode, race through levels and aim for record-breaking scores to unlock access to even more sports cars and tracks. Our drift-racing simulators promise an unparalleled thrill that's both fun and intense - choose from a collection of 19 unique cars like GTR, E46M3, M4, Charger, Civici, Viper... all featuring top-notch realism in their drifting system and high-quality design.

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The car can be operated using different keys on the keyboard. The arrow keys and W, A, S, D keys can be used to move the car around. To pause the game, press Escape. The handbrake is activated by hitting Space while C allows you to change camera views. Left Shift causes the car's gear to shift up while Left Control shifts it down. Press N for neutral gear and F for boost/NOS when needed. Slow motion can be enabled with G and B enables a lookback feature. To indicate a hazard or turn signals use Z key while L controls low beam headlights and K high beam ones. The engine start/stop key is I along with Q and E for left indicators respectively; record is R whilst P plays back your recorded footage later on!

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