out which minion to use and how to navigate them through each level. The game's objective is clear - gather all the golden scarabs on every stage, utilizing the unique abilities of your little square minions. By clicking on different ones, you can make them float, roll or jump to overcome obstacles in their way. Moreover, certain minions possess special talents that allow them to interact with environmental features such as breaking down blocks or responding differently when lasers are switched on/off. To succeed in this pursuit, you must decipher which minion will work best for each challenge and cleverly maneuver them through each hazard towards their goal.
out how to use each minion's specific skill, utilize the surrounding objects and toggle the lasers strategically. The ultimate objective is to acquire all the golden scarabs on every level of the game, which can only be achieved by expertly executing different combinations of these techniques.

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Exploit the distinct specialties of diverse block-headed personas and engage with switches and levers to gather all the precious beetles in every stage.

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