Fruit Ninja is an arcade game that challenges players to slice through various types of fruit, including pears, apples, coconuts and bananas. By slicing multiple fruits in one swipe and building up combos, players can achieve the highest score possible. It's strategic to critically strike the fruit for large scores, but be careful not to hit bombs as this will end the game. Fruit Ninja is an exciting adventure where you get to destroy fruits by swiping - a classic must-play!
Fruit Ninja is a classic arcade game that requires you to slice and swipe your way through various types of fruit. Whether it's pears or apples, coconuts or bananas, the objective is clear: rack up the highest score by cutting as many fruits simultaneously and building combos to outdo other players! Strategic swiping is key, especially when aiming for critical strikes that grant huge scores. There's a catch though - watch out for bombs as hitting them will halt your progress. Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure of fruit destruction with Fruit Ninja!

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