In the ever-evolving FNF universe, a fresh new duel awaits. However, this time around your opponent is none other than the mischievous V.S.Tails.EXE! He may have been Sonic's trusted confidante in fnf tails exe mod.tails sonic exe, but now he appears almost unrecognizable after being infected by a rogue virus that turned him into his EXE form. Recognized as Tails - the cunning fox with two tails- he will be a challenging adversary for you to face off against. To spice things up further and give it an extra flair of intensity, feel free to compose your very own tune utilizing different game characters' voices found in fnf tails exe mod test.
In the FNF universe, a thrilling new battle has begun involving Friday Night Funkin' and its cunning adversary: V.S. Tails.EXE. This opponent happens to be the best friend of Sonic in the treacherous fnf tails exe mod and is none other than Tails- a fox with two tails known for his sly nature. However, due to a virus, he now looks strange as he's been transformed into his EXE version. To add to the excitement, you can create your own melody using various character voices in fnf tails exe mod test resulting in an intense face-off!

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