you strive to complete the mission in record time. Starring a character equipped with an axe, Bombed in the Woods is an exciting mobile game that will put your reflexes and timing skills to the test. Unfortunately, you'll find yourself caught up in a bombing raid by enemy planes while chopping down trees in the forest. Your objective? Dodge the falling bombs and gather coins scattered throughout your journey to finish fast. Gameplay is straightforward but captivating - maneuver left or right to dodge bombs and keep track of time as you try for top scores.
you try to complete the mission. With Bombed in the Woods, you'll experience an action-packed adventure that will challenge your agility and reaction time. As a player, take on the role of a woodsman with an axe who becomes trapped in enemy aircraft crossfire during logging operations in dense forest cover. By dodging falling bombs from above and collecting coins at the same time as possible, players are tasked with completing their assigned objective. The game's mechanics may be straightforward but its addictive qualities make it a must-play mobile gaming experience. Your character can move left or right to avoid hazards while keeping track of time throughout this challenging quest awaits you!

Comment jouer

Utilise les touches directionnelles pour te déplacer à gauche et à droite, et maintiens enfoncée la barre d'espace afin d'activer le bouclier. Tu bénéficies de trois vies.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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