game levels to earn coins and buy new fashionable items for your clients. Your creativity is the key to success in Dress up & Design - the ultimate fashion stylist game!
game levels, earn coins and unlock new outfits for your clients to choose from. With Dress up & Design, you'll enter an entertaining world of fashion where creativity meets passion!

As a Fashion Stylist in Dress up & Design, you get the chance to have fun solving puzzles while enhancing the looks of your clientele. You hold people's aspirations in your skilled hands by selecting trendy apparel, stylish hairdos, and striking cosmetics that will transform their appearance. As you progress through various levels of matching tiles gameplay challenges, you'll encounter different characters who all crave a fresh wardrobe look- some are seeking opportunities for career upgrades while others just want to add more sophistication or variety to their life. Your ultimate goal is making each client's dream outfit come true! By completing puzzle levels successfully and accumulating rewards along the way- such as earning coins- you can take advantage of unlocking even more fashionable attire options for them too! Explore this entertaining realm dedicated to fashion design and fulfillment today with Dress up & Design game app!

Comment jouer

Cliquez sur une tuile pour la sélectionner. Alignez trois tuiles identiques pour les éliminer.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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