Easter Hidden Eggs is an enjoyable online game designed for children, which involves searching and locating hidden objects. The objective of the game is to find ten eggs across eight levels. Simply use your mouse and click on any egg you spot in the given picture within a specific time frame that's indicated by a timer situated at the bottom right corner of the screen. Get ready to play and enjoy!
Easter Hidden Eggs is a game designed for children that can be played online for free. The game involves finding 10 hidden eggs across 8 different levels using a mouse to click on them when they are found. A timer located at the lower right corner of the screen will count down from a set amount of time during which players must locate and reveal all ten hidden eggs in each picture presented. If you are ready, begin playing and enjoy this fun-filled game!

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Utilisez la souris ou touchez l'écran !

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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