skill to strategically match precious stones of the same color on this exciting wheel of fortune. Be careful not to lose your luck - race against time by quickly selecting and blowing up three or more diamonds to rack up points. Keep playing until you exhaust your lives, but be mindful of avoiding unmatched gems that could result in penalties. Can you achieve an impressive high score in this wild and enjoyable matching game? Remember to group together identical stones on the fantastic wheel of fortune using strategic thinking.
strategy and match wisely to extend your gameplay. Test your luck and skill by achieving the highest score possible in this exciting matching game featuring colorful precious stones on a captivating wheel of fortune. Be careful not to fill up the slots with unmatching diamonds, as there will be penalties! Make sure you select and blow up three or more same colored stones at once for maximum points. Challenge yourself today and have fun all while mastering this addictive game!

Comment jouer

Pour Mobile - Appuyez sur le bouton GO pour lancer les blocs. Maintenez ensuite les blocs pour les faire pivoter.
Pour Chrome - Utilisez la touche fléchée gauche/droite pour faire pivoter les blocs et appuyez sur la touche Espace pour lancer les blocs.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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