and racing game!

Combine automobiles and have a blast! Begin by getting a complimentary vehicle in your central storage area, then stock up on premium luxury cars! The race is free for all to join, so let loose and enjoy this click-and-idle tycoon challenge! Upgrade your garage as much as you can because there are tons of rewards waiting for you. Apply the merging technique to develop improved cars. Then head down to the racetrack where every finish line crossing earns you some idle cash. Accumulate your income and invest it back into your hub of automobile operations in order to create an unbeatable click-and-idle tycoon empire! Become the wealthiest individual worldwide through this top-notch merge-and-race adventure game.
game you've ever played!

In this exciting tycoon game, Merge Car and Enjoy, start off by receiving a free car in your central garage. Build up your collection with magnificent luxury cars! Enter the race for free and have a blast playing as you click and wait to merge better cars. Earn plenty of rewards by continuously upgrading your garage. Then take your fleet out onto the track, gaining idle money each time they cross the finish line. Use these earnings towards expanding your empire even further! With so much potential for growth, become the richest player worldwide in this top-notch merging game experience!

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Merge Car is an exceptional merge game that promises great enjoyment. Increase the speed of the cars in this offline click idle tycoon game, and collect idle coins to become wealthy. Remember: don't forget.

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