Join the "Pharaoh" operation for an authentic sniper combat experience! As a top-class sniper, you must take up arms with your trusty rifle and head to the perilous locales of Egypt. Immerse yourself in the cool soundtrack as you skillfully navigate through 25 levels of beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay. With exciting night missions and varying weather conditions, every playthrough is unique. You can even choose to play on your phone or computer! Face off against all sorts of enemy equipment such as tanks, robots, and helicopters - no challenge too great for an expert marksman like you. Don't hesitate - launch into action now!
Experience real sniper combat with Operation "Pharaoh"! As a first-class sniper, you'll need to take on the challenge of hot but risky terrain in Egypt. With an incredible soundtrack accompanying your journey, you'll have to find and destroy armed enemies stickmen from a top-floor position in one of the buildings. The game features stunning graphics with 25 levels and diverse weather conditions that include night missions. Moreover, the gameplay is both new and cool. It's playable not only from your phone but also a computer. Expect challenging enemy equipment such as tanks, robots, and helicopters thrown into the mix too! Get ready for action by launching this exciting game now!

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