-machine guns and rifles to enhance gameplay experience. Counter Terrorist Multiplayer is an adrenaline-pumping online first-person shooter that will put your skills to the ultimate test. You'll find yourself in the shoes of a Counter Swat team member, facing off against modern terrorists in critical strike warfare. Your mission: defuse bombs before the terrorists get their hands on them. Form a team with your friends, showcase your talents by leading the individual scoreboard, and prepare for combat as we organize a tournament! Get ready to join this portable fps game and invite your friends into the fray - it's time to become the leader of duty on the battlefield! Our arsenal includes 22 cs maps within-games, reworked models, updated menu/lobby UIs, and new weapons such as pistols, sub-machines guns and rifles designed specifically to take gameplay experience to another level.
machine guns, and more. * Engage in critical strike warfare as part of a Counter Swat team pitted against modern terrorists, and show off your skills on the individual scoreboard. Plus, join our organized tournament to take your gameplay to the next level! Gather your friends for an intense battle experience that will put you at the forefront of duty leadership. With over 20 maps available and a revamped menu and lobby UI, combined with new weapons like pistols and submachine guns - it's time to join the ranks of combat portable fps enthusiasts today!

Comment jouer

Déplacement : utilisez les touches W A S D. Arme primaire : 3, armes secondaires : 2, couteau : 1, grenades : 4 et flashbangs : 5. Pour planter une bombe, appuyez sur la touche G ; pour la désamorcer, appuyez sur F. Pour acheter une arme en jeu, utilisez la touche B. Pour discuter avec d'autres joueurs individuellement ou en équipe, appuyez respectivement sur T ou Y. Enfin, sautez avec la barre espace, accroupissez-vous avec C et sprintez à l'aide de Shift.

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