Color Sudoku is a twist on the classic number-based game, utilizing various hues to complete the grid instead. The playing field consists of a 9x9 grid and is divided into smaller 3x3 sub-grids. In order to win, each row, column, and sub-grid must be filled with all available colors only once. Just like traditional Sudoku, your objective is to fill in empty spaces with nine different shades so that you fulfill these requirements. Logical reasoning and deduction skills are essential tools when it comes to winning at this colorful puzzle challenge!
Color Sudoku is a modified version of the original Sudoku game, replacing numbers with various colors to fill the 9x9 grid that is partitioned into 3x3 sub-grids. The ultimate goal remains identical - every row, column, and sub-grid must have each color used exactly once. Logical reasoning and deduction skills are necessary when playing Color Sudoku.

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