of the song exist, including different languages and adaptations for various animals or characters.

"Baby Shark" is a tune geared towards children that chronicles the adventures of a shark family. Initially used around campfires, it gained popularity on social media, online video platforms, and through broadcasts as of 2016. Although "Baby Shark" originated as a campfire ditty or chant with unclear sources inspiring its creative process; traditional legends, early-20th-century camping experiences could be attributed to its genesis too. Lastly, some individuals claim that camp chaperones sparked their creativity after being moved by Jaws' movie storylines. This song entails each member of the shark family showcased in separate hand gestures at these gatherings with numerous renditions available worldwide that feature adaptations for distinct creature or character types along with several language versions too.
of the song exist, with variations on the lyrics and movements.

"Baby Shark" is a well-known children's tune featuring an entire family of sharks. Initially used as a campfire song, its popularity has skyrocketed since 2016 via social media, online video platforms, and radio airplay. The origins of "Baby Shark" appear to stem from traditional myths or perhaps early 20th century camping culture, while others suggest that it may have been inspired by the film Jaws. As the song evolved into a campfire staple, each member of the shark family was introduced with unique hand gestures. Multiple renditions of "Baby Shark" can be found today with slight lyrical or choreographical differences present throughout varying versions.

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