The doll is in need of a clean! Would you like to help? With [Happy Clean], cleaning becomes an enjoyable and thrilling experience! You can follow the imaginative approach to clean the doll, restoring it to better than its original condition. After that, we can check for other items that require tidying up! There are plenty of things such as odorous clothes, grimy bicycles, and disheveled kitchens that require attention. Let's get started! Be a cheerful cleaning champion and make someone's day sparkle!
The doll needs cleaning assistance. To add some fun and excitement, try using [Happy Clean] to tidy up. Follow the creative process to make the doll better than new! Once you're done with that, let's move on to other things that need cleaning like stinky clothes, dirty bikes and messy kitchens. Come on, be a happy cleaning hero and save the day!

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