, you'll delve into the pharaoh's empire which is brimming with pyramids and temples waiting to be explored. Your mission is to become a legend of ancient Egypt by locating the room with Anubis through matching activities. To achieve this status, it's essential that you engage in some jam matching action in the pyramids empire just like the pharaoh did last century during the age of fate. Be on the lookout for rooms with precious jewels as one of Egypt's latest gods on your journey towards greatness!
, experience the wonders of ancient Egypt while solving challenging puzzles. Explore numerous pyramids and temples to find the room with anubis and become a legendary figure in your own right. With thrilling jam-matching action, you can add your name to the list of gods who have claimed victory in this empire. Don't miss out on the chance to discover valuable jewels as you embark on a journey through this intriguing match 3 puzzle game - Gods of Egypt: Match 3 awaits!

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Explore ancient Egypt while playing Gods of Egypt Match 3, a puzzle game that's free to play. Keep in mind that certain items like gold or lives may require actual payments.

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