1010 Golden Trophies is an exceptional puzzle game where your goal is to gather all the trophy blocks from the board. To do so, you must occupy the row or column that holds a trophy block. You can accomplish this by selecting and dropping block sets that are provided in the left-hand panel of the game interface. You may continue dropping these sets until there's no more room available, at which point your game will end. Keep manipulating rows and columns until all trophy blocks have been collected from the board.
1010 Golden Trophies is an extraordinary puzzle game where the goal is to gather every trophy block on the board. This can be achieved by completing either a row or a column that contains such blocks. To do so, you must choose available sets of blocks from the left panel and drop them in order to fill up each row or column without overcrowding it. The game will end once there's no more room for additional block placements. Keep filling rows and columns until all trophies have been collected from the board!

Comment jouer

Pour jouer à ce jeu, utilisez la souris ou le pavé tactile.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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